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4 Reasons Every Company Should Have Custom Apparel

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Putting off that replenishment or placing that initial order for your company uniforms may be costing you more than just money. Here are 5 reasons why ever company should invest in some sort of custom screen printed or embroidered apparel.

1. Increased Company Morale
When you feel as though you are a part of a community or organization the natural tendency is to be in a better mood. Ever wonder why people who cheer for the same team seem to be closer and more of friends simply because they are wearing the same sports jersey with a vinyl name and number on the back? This is because of the communion of being in uniform for the same mission of that organization.

2. Company Pride
Have you ever had that feeling of pride when wearing a custom printed shirt that no one else had or could even buy? The feeling of having an exclusive t-shirt or sweatshirt you knew there were only a select few made? Screen printing and embroidery services can produce these types of products. This can be something as simple as a company logo in the middle of a shirt. Even a unique design catered towards your audience can work.

3. Brand Recognition
A well designed t-shirt or polo with a comfortable fit will more than pay for itself. Think of all the people that see a company logo or brand on a t-shirt throughout the day. Choose a comfortable fitting and high quality shirt and the employees and supports will wear them a lot more often than you think. Invest in some good graphic design and artwork and you will be delighted to see how often your screen printed shirts get worn.

4. Saves Time
Getting ready for work shouldn’t be a challenge or a popularity contest. You shouldn’t have to worry whether or not you wore than blue shirt with the white design on it the prior day before. It should be a simple and painless process to choose what your work uniform is going to be for the day. Not mixing and matches different outfit combinations, just have a few company polos or t-shirts ready to slip on and get on with your day.

All in all, one thing that often gets overlooked is a good graphic designer who can create a unique t-shirt design. Then get it screen printed from a local screen printing company. Prints R Us based in Jacksonville, FL offers numerous services to help with the branding of your company. From graphic design services to getting art work ready to print for your custom apparel, Prints R Us can help you from start to finish. Placing your screen printing or custom apparel order is simple.

Founded originally as Prints by Funk in 2010, Prints R Us is the brainchild of Noah Dellilo and Raymond De Padua to bring the underserved custom apparel and screen printing industry some justice through their unique touch and eye for design.
No more just slapping clip art on shirts and calling it a day. The attention to detail is what sets them a part coming from clothing brand backgrounds.

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