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Are Vehicle Wraps or Window Decals Better for Branding?

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Have you ever considered wrapping your car for your business? Does the thought of “well what if my business doesn’t survive or if I need to sell my vehicle” come up? Won’t my paint get messed up if I wrap my entire car? What if the installer messes my vehicle wrap up?

Before you decide on one or the other here a couple things to keep in mind prior to choosing simple vinyl decals, full car wraps, or window decals.

  1. What type of Brand are you? Are you a brand who is minimal and wouldn’t necessarily align with a full vehicle type wrap? Keep in mind that a solid color with minimal window decals would also be very effective.
  2. Do I see myself in this car for more than 3-5 years? The last thing you want to do is get the entire vehicle wrapped and then realize 1 year later you are tired of the car. You may be able to purchase the vehicle with the company, but if you have a partner in your business, good luck with that.
  3. Am I upside down on my car in the first place? Being upside down on your vehicle is never a fun experience. The last thing you want to do is not be ready to exit from a monthly bill if for some reason your business shut down. Imagine your business shutting down and you had to sell your car, but you had a massive vehicle wrap of the business that just closed down on it with no money to pay someone to remove? Nightmare.

We know that these may all be extreme scenarios, but that happen more often than you think. Window decals are definitely a safer alternative/bet or even window stickers than an entire car wrap. We know you want to be bold when it comes to branding your company, but be smart. There are ways to have a clean cut look via vinyl stickers and window decals.

Partial vehicle decals are also a great option, maybe alongside some simple window decals. Prints R Us specializes in all of these different options. Always keep in the forefront of your mind the type of brand you are and work from there. If it’s a simplistic approach do not go overboard with vehicle wraps. That will only hurt your brand!

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