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Cheap Printing Is Never Great, Great Printing In Never Cheap

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As you sit and start to compare pricing for you custom shirts, in Jacksonville Florida or anywhere, there is some things you must look at before you pic which shop suits your needs. It’s time we break down exactly how different two quotes for custom shirts can be.

Let’s say there is business A and business B. These will be the two custom print companies in Jacksonville Florida. Business A says they can fulfill your order for $6 a shirt and business B says $7.50 a shirt. To the untrained consumer your will obviously take the $6 per shirt deal, because what could be the difference right or wrong. There are so many when it comes to price breakdown. Let’s take a look at what that could be:

  1. What brand of shirts¬†are being used in the quote? Most shops will use an economy brand like Gildan or Port and Company. These shirts would be considered “Bottom Shelf”. Have you ever been out to a bar with your friend and they are broke (as usual) and they ask you to buy the a shot? Since you’re a nice person of course you do, but you look that bartender in the eye and he knows you want him to poor the cheapest plastic bottle shot they have. Gildan or Port and Company I recommend to people who are budget conscience and more than likely are making shirts for a one time use. These shirts are the cheapest shirts anyone can print on. Other brands like Next level, Bella Canvas, or American Apparel are the “Top Shelf”. You’re at the same bar and someone is sitting there alone and they peak your interest. You want to buy them a shot, are you going to send over bottom shelf? Absolutely not, you’re going to buy the best to impress. So depending on the situation will depend on the brand of shirt you may need. Some shops like Prints R Us will always quote using Next Level shirts which are about $3 more per shirt than Gildan.
  2. Additional charges on your order: Is your file print ready? How much will they charge you to “Vectorize”? How much are they going to charge for set up fees? There will always be set up fees for printing and each shop will charge what they feel is needed. This will also depend on how many shirts you are ordering. Some companies charge as much as $50 for set up fees. Prints R Us only charges $30 (sometimes less depending on quantity) which is very much in the middle.

Just because one shop says $6 per shirt, and the other says $7.50 doesn’t actual mean the complete total will be cheaper. It could mean you just paid the exact same price after fees for Gildan bottom shelf shirts, when Prints R Us priced you out with top shelf Next Level for your custom printed shirts. Not skimping on the quality of the shirts used also ensures your promotional product, aka tshirts actually get worn for more advertising. If you take the time to ask the right questions you will make sure you are getting exactly what you need.

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