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Create a T-Shirt using Custom Ink and DTG

Everything You Need To Know About Custom Printing Orders

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What Any Customer Should Know Before Ordering Custom Shirts.

     As you are sitting there with a great idea for custom shirts, you think to yourself, “I wonder how much it would cost to print these locally in Jacksonville Florida. Well we are here to help you understand exactly what any custom t shirt printing shop will need to give you the most accurate quote. Orange Park Florida, Jacksonville Florida, anywhere in FL or around the world will need this information to streamline the process. That means you get your order quicker, and the custom printing company will love you for having everything ready.

  1. First you need to figure your what kind of printing you need. Screen Printing, Direct To Garment or DTG, or Heat Transfer Vinyl. (click on the words to see exactly the differences) The size of the order and how many colors in the design will determine which of these would be best. For example if you wanted a small custom shirt order, with full color, Direct To Garment would be your best option. If you wanted a large order with up to 5 colors custom printed then screen printing would be your best best. Maybe you just want one shirt done as a test print, then Heat Transfer would be perfect.
  2. What are we custom printing? Do you have the art file? Is the file Vectorized (common term that means is the art scalable to be as big as needed without losing quality of the graphics) Most people think their art is good enough. From a statistic I just made up for this blog, about 84% of people do not have the right file. Having the right file will save you money as well as speed up the production process.
  3. How many items are we printing and what sizes. This all depends on why you are printing. The more you buy the better the prices. If you are starting a clothing line, then order as many custom shirts as you can so you can save money on cost expenses. If you have a set amount of people for a certain event like a family reunion or graduation, then unless your kid plans to repeat 12th grade one more time, you should only order exactly what you need.
  4. Know the size breakdown of your order. How many Small – 4XL shirts you need to be printed. Custom printed t shirts will cost more money as the shirts get bigger in size. This is very important to your estimate.

If you follow these easy 4 steps your custom printed t shirts in Jacksonville Florida, Orange Park Florida, or anywhere in the world, will go smoother than the top of a fresh jar of Skippy P-Nut Butter. Not only will whichever shop you choose will love you as a customer, but your will receive your product faster. Never go into war unprepared or under funded. Make responsible decisions when thinking about your future financial endeavors. If you do need custom printed Shirts, Masks, Stickers, Vinyl, Banners, or anything Prints R Us is here to help you bring your dreams into reality. By you choosing to print with us, You are helping us achieve our dreams!

Michael (Jackie) Moon – Prints R Us

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