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Prints R Us takes great care to ensure that you have a pleasant experience with us by conducting an artwork review on every order received. Our aim is to identify any issues that may cause production delays and prevent your personalized apparel from looking its best.

Common Artwork Adjustments

While there is a wide range of potential mistakes that can be made, our Design Team finds that the most common issues include:

  • Sizing: Elements that are not appropriately sized
  • Positioning: Elements that are poorly placed, causing an unbalanced appearance
  • Poor Image Resolution: Images that are of low quality and will result in a subpar print

Proofs After Changes

In cases where a significant change has been made to an order, our Design Team will inform you and request your approval before proceeding. This typically happens when a drastic change is required or when the order consists of at least 15 pieces.

However, if the change is considered a minor adjustment, we will not send a proof or request for approval.


To reduce the risk of dissatisfaction and expedite the production process, Prints R Us may provide a digital design proof that requires review and approval before the order can be sent to production.

A design proof is a sample representation of the design on a specific garment such as a shirt or hoodie. It serves as an example of how the printed design will look on the selected garment.

Orders & Design Proof Approval

Prints R Us processes hundreds of orders every day, and as a result, we will only require Design Proof approval for orders that meet the following conditions:

  • Consist of at least 15 pieces
  • Undergo a substantial change after submission

Although Design Proof approval is not mandatory for orders that do not meet these criteria, our production team conducts an artwork review to detect and correct any obvious errors. Furthermore, we upload an order preview to each customer’s My Account page before sending the order into production.

How Are Design Proof Approval Requests Sent?

Design Proofs approval requests are sent to customers via email using the email address used when submitting the order. In addition, a notification will appear on your My Account page.

Approve the Design Proof ASAP to Avoid Delays

To avoid any delay in production and delivery, Design Proofs must be reviewed and approved as soon as possible. Because we work on tight timelines, any delay in approval may result in a delayed delivery date.

Contact Us For Help

Our project specialists are available to help 7 days a week using these methods:


At Prints R Us, we strive to ensure that your customized apparel looks amazing, which is why we provide a variety of free services to enhance your design. Upon request, we can make several design adjustments, including the following:

Image Quality

Having good image quality is critical to producing high-quality custom apparel. Our Design Team examines the image quality, and if it is poor, we can replace it with a higher-quality image that you provide. In some cases, we may be able to make adjustments to improve the image quality without requiring a replacement.

If an image requires extensive editing, adjustment, or re-creation, an additional fee will be necessary.


Accurate placement of graphic elements is crucial to ensure that they are correctly positioned on the garment, resulting in a balanced appearance. This will also guarantee that each graphic element is visible as intended.


To avoid an off-balance appearance, our team will review your design to ensure that it is centered correctly.

Background Removal

Our team can remove the background from images to create a clean, more professional look.

Color Changes

Print Size Adjustment

Applying the same size graphic to multiple garment sizes can result in images that appear out of proportion. Therefore, we can scale your graphic to ensure that everyone looks their best, regardless of their size.

Contrast Adjustment

Text without sufficient contrast can be difficult to read and understand. Therefore, our Design Team can easily correct this issue to ensure that your text is clear and legible.

Convert Full Color to Black and White

We can transform an ordinary full-color image into an exceptional black and white design with minimal effort. Moreover, using fewer colors can potentially save you money!

Clip Art Adjustments

Our team can make several adjustments to Clip Art to help enhance your designs. Consider the following adjustments that our Design Team can make upon request.

Coloring Clip Art

Inverting Clip Art

Masking Multiple Clipart

Full Color on White Apparel: CMYK Process

Screen printing photorealistic images on light-colored items requires technique and we have plenty. Our production staff prints hundreds per month and we’ll ensure that your order is flawless.

Full Color on Dark Apparel: Simulated Process

Screen printing on dark-colored items presents a number of challenges, but our team is expert in using simulated process printing.

Contact Us For Design Help

Our project specialists are available to help 7 days a week using these methods: