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How Blogging Can Help Grow Your Business

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There is always a time when sales just don’t seem to be coming in, and your are sitting around on facebook trying to figure out how to create some. We have all been there before. Doesn’t matter if its screen printing or any industry in Jacksonville FL, or anywhere in the USA.

A wise man once told me: “Once you can make money while you sleep, then you will become a rich man.” The best thing about the internet is that if you have a product people like you can wake up a rich person. You maybe asking yourself “Well Michael, how do I drive in sales from my website while I sleep.” That’s why I am here, it’s ok that your stupid.

Blogging will get you into algorithms using keywords. If you have noticed I always write things like “Jacksonville Florida” or ” Custom Screen Printing” a couple times in every blog. That is because SEO or Search Engine Optimization. The more an article uses words that people search on Google like ” Custom Printed T Shirts Jacksonville Florida, google will return with articles that have those phrases. At which point you click on the article maybe learn a thing or two, and at the same time you just brought a lead to your site that is more than likely going to make a purchase.DSC05527

All in all, we are all just trying to build our companies. Even if this one thing gets you a 10% return, it will still be worth it. One last time, Custom Screen Printing Jacksonville Florida. 🙂

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