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How To Screen Print a Custom T-Shirt With Your Logo

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Custom t-shirt screen printing isn’t as easy as some people think. From multiple colors to the time frame needed to cure the ink on the t-shirt, there are multiple variables to consider before producing your own apparel. Here are 3 steps to creating the perfect company t-shirt.

1. Create unique artwork

  • This is almost a no brainer when it comes to what shirt people actually want to put on. Investing into a creative design if you are not creative yourself is crucial to getting your custom print shirt worn. Just because you already have a company logo and YOU think it looks good doesn’t mean everyone will want to rep your 10 inch company logo across their chest like superman. Invest into a good graphic designer that has produced winning pieces time and time again.

2. Choose the right t-shirt quality for your brand

What you may seem comfortable or fit as a t-shirt the majority of your audience may not. Be sure to consult with a professional screen printer before making your choice of what blank you want to print on. Ask them what they think is trending and what majority of people are happy with vs. what you think is in style. That’s like not asking a plumber their recommendation for a pipe when you deal with no pipes on a daily basis at all? Good analogy? Anyways.. Talk to an expert! They are more than willing to help you not make a bad choice on apparel. Well most of them..

3. Make sure you’re printing properly

Nothing is more troubling than someone that thinks they can do it all. One thing majority of successful people are great at is doing what they are great at. If they have never worked on a sink before, they are not going to spend 10 hours of their time working on a sink. Outsourcing and delegating is crucial in becoming successful. Use sites like Fiverr and Upwork for design if you have no graphic designer in mind.

One thing to pay attention to when printing a custom t-shirt is the process you’re using. When burning your screen there are no empty areas in the screen so you do not waste shirts. Make sure that when pulling the ink across the custom shirt you are applying enough force. Make sure the ink is not dry inside the screen or else you will have uneven artwork.

or just hire Prints R Us 🙂 Visit our FAQ section to learn more about what we can offer to help your business or brand succeed.

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