Starting a Clothing Company can be an exciting project. It crossed your mind because you wear all of these different brands that you self identify with, then one day you think to yourself, man I could have created this. You see all these Uniqlo, Travis Scott, and Nike drops that gets you motivated.

You then think to yourself, “there’s no way this t-shirt actually cost $35 to make..” “Why have I not brought all of my ideas to life already?” This article is intended to help you gain valuable tips on how to start your clothing brand in a cost-efficient way from the eyes of a printing shop, Prints R Us that specializes in working with clothing brand startups. Prints R Us sees the daily challenges most clothing brand entrepreneurs face.

  1. Stay Lean

When you launch your brand the first thing you’re going  to think to yourself is I need to come up with as many designs as possible, hire employees, and a graphic designer.

    1. Use Fiverr, Upwork, and contract work to people who specialize in what you need. Don’t try to do it all. Shopify
  1. Know Your Brand
    1. Target Demographic
  2. Keep Basic Inventory
    1. Black Shirts, base sizes off demographic, ie XS-4XL